Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bruised, battered, blind but bloody brilliant

6 letter b's in one sentence = nice. I thought about going for 7 b's but writing the word baby at the end as in 'bruised, battered, blind but bloody brilliant baby' seemed to be getting a little too intimate! Maintain professional distance - don't refer to your readership as 'baby'!

Yup those of you that went for the Lucky Craft Sammy 110 mm were bang on. You are getting too good at this name the lure game. This lure has been my go to surface lure for....., well forever actually. Ever since I exploded my tenth Rapala skitter walk on a rock (good bass catching lure this but unfortunately made from the weakest plastic known to man). Oh yes whilst I'm onto old favourites; anyone remember the Storm thunder dog? There is a local guy who knows his fishing and swears by that lure on the surface. He was so devastated when he lost his last one a couple of years back that I gave him my last one. Now that is what bass club is for!

When surface lure fishing for bass was known to a very few people (only around 8 years ago did the dawn break on us Brits) there was precious little choice available on the UK market. It was Jim Hendrick the original, now much copied and still the best Irish bass guide (find him here That taught me the marvel, the wonder and the addiction of the LC Sammy.

In those early days I could only get the little beauties out of America. Never a reliable source of lures as both UK customs and exercise and the couriers did all they could to lose them. I'd shop at as a favourite as they proved to be better than the rest at actually delivering. Nowadays I still turn to America for some LC stuff and if you have five minutes spare I suggest a search in for the ebay shop i love hard bait. Yes I know slightly dodgy name but they are sound at what they do, cheap and up to now have always delivered. Be careful though as their stock is far better than anything you have ever seen here and you'll be surfing for hours.

The Sammy fishes superbly and I have not seen it out fished by another top water lure. Yes I've seen other lures trend - the Zorus Patchinko, the Z Claw, IMA have some nice stuff right now. All will catch but I will tell you this fact for free (well this is all for free) - If you pushed me into a corner and told me to walk out with only one bass lure to use for the rest of my bassing days it would be the Lucky Craft Flash Minnow! Ok ok If you pushed me into a corner and told me to walk out with only one surface bass lure etc etc it would be the sammy.

Warning the thing is as useful as floating sea litter unless you can fish it and to fish well takes skill, experience and coaching. Buy one and take it out by all means but you will not teach yourself how to fish the little beauty to catch fish consistantly. For that you will need someone who knows what a sammy needs. Anyone know who to ask?

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